Leader of the Pack is not only in the business of training dogs, but also in training their owners how to work with and get the most out of their dogs. Every dog, handler, and combination of the two are different and respond to different training methods. Gina Barr, Leader of the Pack, works with you and your dog to find the most motivating and effective way to train your dog. Gina has extensive training experience with pet dogs, guide dogs, protection dogs, as well as search and rescue dogs, so she is sure to have an answer for any of your questions!

“We took our 2-year-old Rescued English Springer Spaniel to school with Gina Barr.  Actually we took a whirling dirvish, who was determined to be the master of all situations.  After about 6 classes, Ms. Barr managed to get us trained in the intelligent ways of handling our dog and oilla — we now have a dog we can take anywhere with ease!  The secret to all this is simple:  “train the parents and the dog will join in happily”.  It is a pleasure to recommend Gina Barr and her dog training methods to anyone who wants a well-mannered, enjoyable dog!”

– Maryann Jackson