There are many trainers out there that will compel the dog to work by using correction and intimidation.  There are also trainers who believe that the dog should never be corrected and only rewarded.  I am neither of those types of trainers.

I believe that we should always set a dog up to succeed.  I also believe that we should try to reward a dog 10 times more than we correct a dog.  If we cannot reward more than we correct, we are not setting the dog up to succeed.

There are two basic phases of training.  There is the learning phase and the accountability phase.  In the learning phase the dog should not be corrected.  They should be shown what you want and reward the behavior when accomplished.  They should not be corrected for not knowing what you want of them.  During this phase you are learning to communicate with your dog.  In the accountability phase, the dog understands what you want of them but chooses not to listen.  This is when a correction is both needed and necessary.  The severity of the correction depends on the severity of the disobedience.  You should never correct your dog out of anger.

My program is geared to eventually work with your dog off leash.  Your dog should not be restrained by you and the leash but should be paying attention to you and not depend on the leash for communication.  Training should be fun!    This is your special bonding time with your dog.  Your dog should be happy to go out to be with you.  If he is not, it is probably because you are not setting him up to succeed.  Remember, it is up to you to be the LEADER OF THE PACK!

Gina & Siri