Private Lessons

I always suggest that new dog owners, whether they are getting a puppy or adopting an older dog should take at least one lesson in their home to learn what to expect from their new dog and to decide what rules they want to establish.  It is always good to know before your new dog arrives, whether or not they will be allowed on the couch, where they will sleep, and where they will relieve themselves among other things.  You want to be the LEADER OF THE PACK as soon as your dog comes home.

Private lessons are also a good idea for pups that are too young for a group class but need to start on their education.  Waiting until your pup is 4 to 5 months old means that they have probably developed several bad habits.  It is always easier to stop a behavior from starting then it is to change the behavior.  Housebreaking your puppy starts on day one, as does teaching your pup what he can and cannot play with, and to not jump on people.  You can also teach your dog about boundaries (places he cannot go), and to go to his place (a bed or crate).  Remember, you are the LEADER OF THE PACK and set the rules.

Behavioral issues are also best addressed in your home in a private lesson setting before attending group lessons.

Group Lessons

Beginning class:

The beginning class is designed for the dog that does not know the basic skills or is not responding to the owner’s commands.  This is a 7 week class.  The first week is for the owners only.  I hand out, and go over, information pertaining to the learning behavior and basic training principles of dog training so you can be the LEADER OF THE PACK.  The next four weeks I teach the basic commands; come, heel, sit, down, stay.  The last two weeks are review and I increase the distractions.  This class is taught at my property in Arnold.

Intermediate Class:

The intermediate class is a 6 week class.  In the intermediate class we take several field trips to different locations in the Arnold, Murphy’s area.  The field trips vary on the ability of the dog and handler to work together. This is an on-leash class to teach the dog and handler how to deal with real life situations.  You must attend the beginning class before enrolment in the intermediate class.

Advanced Class:

The advanced class is also a 6 week class.  It is held on my property.  In this class, our aim is to achieve all the commands off leash.  The levels of distractions also increase in this class.  You must have attended the intermediate class before enrolment in this class.

Trained by the Trainer

If you do not have the time or patience to work with your dog, let me do it for you.  Sometimes it is overwhelming for a new handler to work with a young or new dog.  I will get your dog started so you will be able to communicate quicker and better with your dog.  It typically takes about one week to get your dog to understand all of the basic commands.  However, it will probably take an additional week for your dog to reliably respond to these commands with distractions.  Each week includes a one hour session with you and your dog to help you become the LEADER OF THE PACK.