“We took our 2-year-old Rescued English Springer Spaniel to school with Gina Barr.  Actually we took a whirling dirvish, who was determined to be the master of all situations.  After about 6 classes, Ms. Barr managed to get us trained in the intelligent ways of handling our dog and oilla — we now have a dog we can take anywhere with ease!  The secret to all this is simple:  “train the parents and the dog will join in happily”.  It is a pleasure to recommend Gina Barr and her dog training methods to anyone who wants a well-mannered, enjoyable dog!”

 MaryAnn Jackson

Concierge for the City of Murphys, CA

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“I have a malmute/wolf hybrid who has tendancies to be aggressive towards other dogs. My dog and I needed help and Gina was the answer to our problems. I now call her the “dog whisperer”. In two, one hour sessions, she gave me the tools to correct and encourage my dog so that she can, now, interact with other dogs and I can relax as a dog owner. She was firm but fair with my dog, Luna, and Luna responded very positively to her training. It will be a learning process for both my Luna and I, but I am confident that Gina has been instrumental in giving me the tools to better deal with my dogs issues and make her a happier and more content dog.”

Sharon Yox

Arnold, California


“When my wife and I adopted a 3 month old Labrador Retriever puppy named Abby, we were admittedly overwhelmed.  Neither of us had owned a dog in over thirty years, and we were clueless about how to successfully train our dog,  Many of our neighbors did not hesitate in recommending Gina Barr as the very best canine trainer in our area.  Gina came to our home for weekly obedience lessons.  As it turned out, we needed as much training as did Abby!  Gina is simply amazing.  She seems to have a magical way with dogs, and she places great emphasis on assuring that dog owners develop simple, consistent commands and routines with their dogs that ensure rapid progress and amazing results.  In a short time, Abby was able to heel, sit, stay, come on command, lay down, etc.  Our daily walks are a joy!  Gina even assisted us with establishing proper puppy behavior regarding potty training, meal manners, kennel training, proper car behavior, interacting with other dogs, and greeting strangers.  Before long, Abby advanced to Gina’s group lessons and we learned obedience skills in distracting environments such as shopping centers and community events.  Now two years old, Abby is still a puppy at heart, but thanks to Gina, she is responsive to commands, obedient and very well behaved.  If you need a professional dog trainer, there is no one better than Gina Barr!”

Karl and Renorise Krause

Arnold, California

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“Gina Barr’s name was given to me when I got my third Golden Retriever puppy.   I first met with her on a one-on-one basis to see if we “fit.”  It was a lucky day for me.

Poppy and I have now completed two series of classes with Gina and will be doing a third in September 2013.

Puppies are boisterous and rambunctious, and have short attention spans.  It’s a marvel to watch Gina work within these parameters.  Her patience is inexhaustible, not only with the dogs, but their humans as well.  Even when she disciplines a pup, they adore her!  She has a knack for determining how to approach each dog, and owner, to get the best out of them.

We’ve worked in the rain, in shopping centers, parks and walked the streets of Murphys (going into many of the shops, after Gina checks with the owner that it’s all right with them), with as many as six pups/dogs in training.  We’ve worked on short leads and long ones, been enticed – to ignore – various irresistible objects and the other dogs, while staying on a heel.  Her directions are clear and concise.  Gina is able to watch us all, supplying praise and ways to improve without insulting the fragile human idea that their dog is already perfect and the smartest in the class!

Since training with Gina, I have met at least a dozen other people who have trained with her also (and, let’s face it:  really we’re the ones she’s primarily training!), and have heard nothing but praise and compliments for this dedicated, lovely woman.”

Susan Derencsenyi

Arnold, CA

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